In short, your model should look as realistic as possible, not like a toy. For example, corrosion that may occur on a metal construction ship should also be shown on the model. If it is a warship, many details such as gunpowder soot, metal abrasions, oil and dirt traces at the barrel ends of the guns should be studied on the model. In order to realize this, if possible, reference photographs of the modeled vehicle should be obtained and the study should be carried out based on these photographs. Of course, it will not be easy to reach the level of realism you want in your first models. However, as your knowledge and skills develop over time, as your mastery of the materials you use increases, it is not sincere that you can produce realistic models with a high level of realism, as if the reality is minimized in a shrinking machine like in the science fiction movies. Dynamic ship models are models that can be controlled by radio control and work with batteries, steam engines or fuel engines. With your knowledge and skills, you can use a model you have made to a radio controlled model.

Secondly, they are kits in which wood is used but all the wooden parts you use are pre-cut with laser cutting and presented to the modeler as ready. Of parts

You can convert a hobby club or buy a ready-to-use kit that is fabricated and make your dreams come true. The easiest to use are battery powered models. After charging the batteries and placing them in the model, all you have to do is to take the necessary precautions to prevent water from leaking into the boat and to enjoy your boat. It is very important that water does not leak into the boat. Because the electronic equipment (ESC: Electronic Speed ​​Control – Electronic Speed ​​Control Unit) inside the boat is an expensive equipment containing high technology. In case of damage, it is almost not possible to repair it due to its structure. It is necessary to replace it with a new one. In some boats, even if ESC units are manufactured waterproof, precautions should be taken for waterproofing. Because this time, your boat will face the danger of sinking or losing its balance due to the water that may fill in the boat. Fuel models are also divided into two. Those that run on nitro fuel and 95 octane gasoline. These types of boats appeal to higher level modelers due to the engines they contain. Experience is essential for the operation and maintenance of the engine it carries. If they are cruising and stop away from the shore, you will have to take them with a marine vehicle, so their engines will

settings must be made well. In the meantime, whether it works with a battery or a fuel engine, 60-100 km. Because they can speed up, paying attention to whether people are swimming in the area you play will prevent possible accidents. Steam boats work with a miniature steam engine inside. They are low in speed but great fun. It is a branch that requires high level modeling. First of all, small wood pieces sold exclusively are filled and burned in the chamber under the steam boiler owned by the engine. The boiler will be heated in a short time with the effect of the fire burning under it and the water inside will boil and produce steam.

Let’s just briefly brainstorm and see a few things we’ve heard so far.

Let’s put the word together: “Three quarters of the world we live on is made up of water.” “A large part of our body consists of water.” As Evliya Çelebi said, this city we live in is already made up of water… Accordingly, it is highly probable, from a logical and rational point of view, that everything that affects water also affects us. I would like to remind you of a name that we have watched on the news in the past, maybe read or listened openly: Dr. Masaru Emoto. He published his photographs of water crystals in two books named “Messages Given by Water”. These books reached a sales figure of 400 thousand all over the world. Actually, there is nothing incomprehensible to this. What makes Dr. Emoto’s water research so popular is that thoughts and feelings affect physical reality. Using different written and spoken words or music on water samples taken from the same place.

“water” changed its expression when intentions, thoughts were directed or focused. Basically Dr. Emoto managed to capture the “expressions” of the water. In the technique he developed, he performed a very high speed photograph with the help of an extremely powerful microscope in a very cold room. With this technique, he photographed frozen water crystals that had just been formed. However, not all water samples taken from different regions could be crystallized. For example, water samples taken from heavily polluted rivers only showed the state of the water. Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that when certain thoughts were intensely directed at crystals formed in frozen water, their reactions changed. To put it more clearly, the water crystals varied according to the shape of the thought. Experiments done

As a result, it was seen that water samples from very clean springs and water samples that were spoken of loving words created very bright, dense motifs, symmetrical and multicolored patterns, just like the patterns of snowflakes. On the other hand, water samples coming from regions with a lot of environmental pollution or water samples exposed to negative thoughts; It created dark, asymmetrical and incomplete motifs. The results of this research and discoveries showed how we can positively affect the world and our own health. It created a revolutionary conscious awareness. Dr. Emoto showed us how deep our thoughts, behaviors and emotions have on the environment. It proved that nature affects us and we affect nature. President of the American Holistic Medicine Association and among them “Sacred Healing”

Dr. Norman Shealy commented on the experiments: “Water represents the connection between the fourth dimension in which we live and the fifth dimension of our soul. Prior to this, many studies revealed the invisible effects of healers on hydrogen bonding or water absorbing infrared rays. However, none of these studies were conducted by Dr. It cannot compete with Emoto’s elegant work. The effect of thought and beauty has never been described so well before.

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To indicate the problems faced by 5th grade teachers during the application of constructivism approach. For this purpose, answers will be sought for the following questions: 1. Do the demographic characteristics of teachers create a difference in the perception of the problems (in the dimensions of acquisition, theme, learning-teaching experiences and evaluation) encountered in the implementation of the constructivism approach applied in primary schools? 2. Implementation of the program prepared according to the constructivist approach of teachers Journal of Qafqaz University

Scope and Limitations of the Study The scope of this study is to be found in the primary education primary schools in the provincial Şahinbey and Şehitkamil central districts of Gaziantep. form the classroom teachers. And the results to be obtained from this study are limited by the sincerity of the responses of the teachers who participated in the survey to the questionnaire questions.

Method This study was conducted in the primary schools working in the state primary schools located in the central districts of Şahinbey and Şehitkamil in Gaziantep province 1. ‐ 5. This is a study conducted in a screening model to determine classroom teachers’ views on the constructivist primary education program.

Population and Sample 1. 5. classroom teachers constitute the universe of this study. The sample of this study consists of 319 teachers working in 36 schools, 8 Şahinbey and 8 Şehitkamil, selected by the random sampling method from the determined population.

Data Collection Tool In this study, as a data collection tool, a teacher questionnaire consisting of 61 questions prepared according to the 5-point Likert scale was applied to elementary school teachers working in primary schools selected in the sample in order to learn their views on structu ration. These survey questions consist of 5 sub-dimensions (goal, content, learning, Number 26, 2009).

teaching experiences, testing situations, general questions about the program). These dimensions were developed by the researcher, taking into account the articles of Şaşan H.H, (2002), and Erdem, E. and Demirel, Ö (2002), and by scanning the relevant literature. The data collection tool was given to 67 participants of the universe as a pilot application. A reliability coefficient of 0.948 was found with the Cronbach α reliability analysis. This result was found to be an objective and reliable scale since the reliability coefficient calculated for a test of 0.7 and higher carries the requirement for test reliability (Büyüköztürk 2006).

Analysis of Data Working in public primary schools 1‐5. The data obtained from the classroom teachers through a questionnaire were transferred to the SPSS program by the researchers. The frequency table of the answers given to the questions was prepared in order to determine the opinions of the teachers about the dimensions in the questionnaire. The frequency table obtained was examined and the percentages of the answers given by the teachers to the dimensions in the questionnaire were calculated.

According to the data in Table 2, 20.69% of teachers have a service period of 0‐5 years, 36.05% of a service period of 6‐10 years, 24.14% of a service period of 11‐15 years, and 19.12%. has a service life of 16 years and more. Table 3.Distribution of Teachers’ Number of Grade Teachers Variable 1st grade 2nd grade 3rd grade 4th grade 5th grade Total

According to the data in Table 3, 21.00% of the teachers are 1st grade, 23.82% 2nd grade, 22.88% 3rd grade, 18.50% 4th grade and 13.80% ‘i is a 5th grade teacher. Table 4. Graduation Area Distribution of Teachers Variable

According to the data in Table 5, 14.11% of the teachers who participated in the study had 1 service related to the new program, 33.23% 2, 32.28% 3 and 20.38% 4 services. He had in-house training. In order to determine whether there is a significant difference between the descriptive variables and the dimensions, the t-test on the gender variable and anova on the other variables were performed. As a result of the statistical processes performed, no significant difference was found between the descriptive variables of gender, the class they were taught, and their graduation status. However, a significant difference was found between the number of in-service trainings the teachers received and the dimensions, and the length of service of the teachers and the dimensions.

The latter prevented in every possible way to establish Russia in the South Caucasus, Turkey submitted local owners against Russia and any way was driven by the aspirations of Russia in the South Caucasus “(17). But Peter I before making a decrease in the south of the Caucasus with the presenter inherent in him took precautions to facilitate the promotion of Russian troops to the south. To this end, the emperor on June 15, 1722 issued a special manifesto “Additive … to all nations to which I didn’t quas” (18). Petra I guaranteed complete safety to the local population. Any violence manifested by Russian troops should have entail a strict punishment right up to the execution of the Russian soldier (19). In response to the “Manifest” of Peter I, the local population of Northern Azerbaijan with special messages to the imperture, in which it expressed its development on the arrival of Russian troops and asked for help and sending troops to ensure the safety of residents. Such messages were sent by Peter I from Baku. Four days later, a written response came from the emperor: “Your sheets, who left for your imperial Majesty received from these saws, that you were sent from us the universals received and have our loyalty to us and provide our services that we are acceptable and encouraging You are our imperial Majesty of Milost … “(20). Journal of Qafqaz University

The Baku People were pleased, who received Manibes Peter I and learned about the upcoming campaign to Baku, who belonged to those cities of the middleway, which have long had trading relations with Russia. Thanks to these connections, the Baku residents learned the Russians closer, and therefore it is no coincidence that they answered the Manifesto Peter I responded with great injury. Under the letter from Baku Peter I was 13 signatures of residents. Of these, 12 were the marks of personal printed and one fingerprint of the finger of the representative of the simplicity, which, unlike the representatives of the nobility, did not have their own seal (21). The letter of the Baku People was joyfully printed by Peter I, which directly from the drag on August 25, 1722, sent to Baku by the sea with a subworch of the Marine Fleet Lunin Response. Without waiting for the return of Lieutenant Fleet F. Mlunina, Peter I, based on the maintenance: the petitions of the Baku People, the Government of the Senate in Moscow, which Baku “… through the letter was transferred to His Majesty will” (22). However, the emperor was somewhat overwhelmed with a message about the delivery of the city of Baku and returning back, the Podororuk Lunin said that he was not only allowed to go to Baku, but he was “… they responded that they defeated several years from the rioters without help, they hope to continue Without it, do it and therefore not a single person in the garrison will be accomplished “(23). This should be explained by the fact that at the beginning of the XVIII century. Two groupings were formed in Baku among the local feudal and urban tips. The first, which Muhammed Kuli raised, was focused on Russia and sought to bring it closer to her. Apparently, representatives of Number 26, 2009 played a major role in this group.

Large merchants, which conducted a lot of trade with Russia and value these relations. Another group was headed by the Baku Sultan Mohammed Huseyn Beck, possibly sophisticated in the case of the arrival of the Russians, to lose power. It can be assumed that on the initial manifest of Peter I responded to Baku supporters of Russian orientations, which were supported by the representatives of the simpleness, artisans and merchants led by Mohammed Kuli. As for the failure of the Baku residents and the failure of F. Mlunin to the city, then, apparently, the response of Peter I from 25 Avto-messenger, sent by F. Lunin and the address of Mohammed Kuli, came across representatives of another group Ki, headed by Baku Sultan Mohammed Huseyn Beck.

KeviItin Ablak face, which has a jaw such as half-nut bread, seemed to be as red as fathers in the future; The core was just like a basketball ball. The Keviii was eighteen years old, he wasn’t interested in politics; The things that are interest were sports, beer and David Letterman’s television program. George, the two freshmen who did not have the common interests of interests, how much it could agree with it. George opened the door and entered the empty room; It was a cheesy room with whitewashed concrete walls and linoleum-plated ground. Hir two sides had two single beds, a window and two wooden workers. At that time, KeviIt, which was not in the room, was previously in the room: above the bed of newly washed clothes, a box was seen in a basketball ball and a moisturizer. The George’s clothing has his bag on his bed, and opened his coat’s buttons and opened the phone and called the Audrey’s room. After four studies, the answering machine has been activated and the voice message was heard from George from the previous 46 semestrum. George lay down on the bed and lit a cigarette. Suggested footsteps in the hallway, then heard the conversations; one of them belonged to the remaining Grant at the end of the aisle. The first-graders in this corridor should have been placed in one of the two parts in the southern corner of the building. Under normal conditions, George goes there to sit on one of the three sofas in the public hall and shared what they do on the Christmas holiday. But first he wanted to see Audrey he. Foss, are you there? Someone shouted, on a side by hitting the door. No, it corresponds, and turned AIIDREY’s number again. Remove assay, come with us. There was no reply again.

He wore his jacket, he threw his cigarette in his pocket and followed the sharp smell of marijuana, went to the dorm room. The door was open and there was another freshman on the top with the four roommates remaining here on the two layers of TomIny Disdale. Foss. Fossy. Look, Cho Cho to us what brought us as a Christmas gift. Grant extended a bag with bright green marijuana. At the time he was choking choking. The Dead was playing the music set. After the Hookedan can shoot marijuana and returned a warm bottle of beer, he returned to the George room and called Audrey once again. Hello. This sound belonged to the AIIDREY’s roommate Emily. Hi, EIIIILY. I George. How was your vacation? Hi, George. Pretty good … where are you calling from? From North Hail dorms. Hayrola sounds strange. Have you heard? Heard what is Audrcy TIIU? George’s stomach shrilt; The prefix of the eye of the AIIDREY has a new lover; He imagined that he has completed all the latest grades. No. What happened? Isn’t next to it? EIIIIL took a noisy and long faded. I guess I need to talk to you about that. 47 I LYGi on the subject? Emily, you’ll be deliring me! Thing.

Mr. Big Brutal is someone who is very clever and feared worldwide. Mr. Big, who is protected by the Solitairein psychic forces held by the Vedi and the captive, an invincible SMERSH agent of a brutal smuggling gang. James Bondun’s new task will take him to the center of this unpricept world: To enter this secret world and destroy Mr. Bigin global network. Harlemin is monitoring every movement of the enemy bond to the seas of Jamaican’s jazz venes. Don’t get out of nightmares have to move careful to avoid a fate. (From promotional newsletter)

In Wikimedia Commons, James Bond has ambient files. Pages in the “James Bond Movies” category. There are 28 pages in this category and 28 of them are currently shown. A. … Kill to live (film, 1973) Living day lights (movie) The unforgettable character of the action movies was said to “Bond, James Bond” a new name. According to the rumor New James Bond, the famous actor Tom Hardy is not someone else. The unforgettable character James Bond had emerged in 1962 and we will watch in 2020, but there are 27 grains of film including the postponed movie because of the pandemia.

Read the e-book with the “Read Now” or free Adobe Digital Editions reading software in your browser immediately after downloading.

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Kill to live – James Bond Bay Big Brutal, very clever and feared worldwide. Voodles and Preserved by Solitaire’s psychic forces

James Bond will be back with kill to live. Explanation; Payment Options; Explanation. In this novel, introducing James Bond with the world, Ian Fleming’s agent is sent to a French casino in 007 Royale-Les-Eaux. Duty? Baccade on the baccarat tables, getting the ruthless Russian agent going bad.

Live And Let Die (James Bond: Kill to live) One piece 1080p Full HD without frosting the film.

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007 James Bond – Live And Let Die – Kill to live (Series 8) (Blu -Ray Disc) Roger Moore’s top 007 task is starting on a Jamaica island like “Dr.No”. The movie is starting in a speed motor chase 200 km per hour, and all scenes are full of motion. The first of the famous British Agent film series is the first of James Bond, 1962 … BLOFELD’s signed gray jacket and 1973 making James Bond in Kill to live in 1973 …

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Both from his company and his bed. Like I said, it shook me so much. So what did you do? Liana touched the edge of her skirt. I stole your money. It wasn’t that difficult. She always sent cash to a bank in the islands. All I did was wait for a large cash shipment and I got it. It was half a million dollars. Did you think you’d stay on fire? George asked.

Not that I thought you wouldn’t notice. I just thought he wouldn’t care too much. What he wanted seemed like a small price for taking me out of his life. I thought it wasn’t big enough to shake it, but I was wrong. I must have made him very angry. He followed Donnie after me. I didn’t know he knew people of that type, but I guess that’s from my very naive nature. How did you find out you were after Donnie? After receiving the money, I went to a deserted place in Connecticut, found a motel that accepts cash payments, and went into hiding for a while. I don’t know how he found me at all. One evening I sat down at a casino bar and had a meal; Donnie sat down with two stools away and began to speak out of thin air. I thought he was a creepy person, but I didn’t mind if he bought me a drink. Then, right in the middle of the conversation, he started addressing me with my name. Jane said, right? Yes. It was my name for a while. What do you say? It suits you. Just Jane. Jane Doe came to mind more often. Liana turned the beer bottle between her hands. Where was I? Hah, we were at Mohegan with Donnie Jenks. After addressing me by name, he sat down next to me and said he was hired to get the money back; He was also told that he could give me whatever punishment he saw fit. He decided to kill me first, but thought it would be more fun if he gave me a chance. He kept smiling. I was trying hard not to pee on my bottom. I’m not easily scared, but this guy was terrifying. He kept smiling at me today. He probably does it to surprise the other person. Liana bit my lower lip. Once again, I apologize for that, George. Did he also try to shake his hand? Actually it shook my hand. Leaving the bar, he grabbed my hand and kissed him and left after telling him how pleased he was to meet me and that we would meet again soon. What did you do? * The name given to the corpses of women, some of which have not been identified. for 40 Somehow, I took a taxi to my motel to gather my courage and grab my belongings. Donnie had entered my room. It wasn’t distributed or anything, but I could understand. Fortunately, I didn’t leave the money there, and I think that’s why I survived that night. Where was the money? You will find it very naive, I know, but I hid the money in a locker at Hartford train station. Apparently Donnie decided to approach me at the bar when he searched my motel room and couldn’t find the money. He wanted to scare me and force me to make a mistake. I realized he wouldn’t kill me until I found out where the money was, but I still went to the motel.

Do you want to know my name? Only if you want to say. Pit Bull let out another laugh, throwing his head back. His chin and neck were smooth as if he had shaved in a barber that morning. George felt that the hand gripping his hand loosen a little, and thought for a moment to pull away and run. George, I like you, I’ll tell you my name; so we can call each other by our names. My name is Donnie Jenks, I come from the state of Georgia and I know when someone lied to me; You haven’t lied to me, at least since your bullshit before the handshake. So if you see Jane, you can tell her Donnie Jenks is in town. Would you do that? I do not intend to see it, but if I see it, I will. I promise. So I’ll leave something with you so you know how serious I am before I get out of here. Donnie Jenks pulled George forward with his right hand and lowered his left fist to his kidney. George, who was badly hurt, fell to the ground, seeming to faint. Donnie Jenks. J-E-N-K-S, he said. Tell Jane, she only has one life and she’ll be too short. If you try to help him in some way, your life will be shortened too. Will you remember this? 32 George nodded, barely yes; The man walked, cracking the gravel in the driveway, and left. Bile was filled in George’s mouth, he turned his head to one side and began to vomit; He continued to gag even after taking out the beer he drank for breakfast and lunch. He heard Dodge’s engine start and the car walk away. He found the strength to turn to the side that was not punched and bowed his head. He remained in that position for ten minutes, watching his vomit. 33 Secret Killer in My Heart z R

4 George was coming back to Boston at three o’clock. Even though he thought about stopping by a hospital on the way, he gave up. He was more likely to need to be in his own neighborhood and home than to deal with his possibly ruptured kidney. His dizziness and nausea were gone, but every time he turned the wheel to the left, he felt as if a small tear on that side was getting wider. He unwittingly brought his hand to that side every second, fearing that his internal organs would spill out. He parked his vehicle in the garage and tried to smile at guard Mauricio; the guard asked him if he was happy with Saab. He walked the gentle slope to his apartment. His apartment was in the attic of this luxury apartment building and could be accessed from a staircase at the back of the building. There was a cobblestone pedestrian path in this section; While this place was beautiful in three seasons of the year, in the summer there was no smell of urine and garbage. On the lower rung of the ladder, Liana was standing where George had been sitting the night before. Her knees were sticking together and she looked pale and tense; She had her elbows on her knees and her chin on one of her hands. Next to him was a little black bag, well worn. 34 No you came here to shit? George continued. Look, I’m sorry … Please, get the fuck off! Go away! George said, passing him.