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Why Challenge Your DUI In Court?

If you’ve been accused of DUI in Pennsylvania, your only real option is to fight back. WHY? Because, if you plead guilty to DUI, you will be found guilty of DUI – 100% of the time. And that is a big deal for you. Here’s why:

A DUI conviction in PA has a laundry list of consequences, including: 
  • fines ranging from a few hundred to upwards of thousands of dollars
  • a significant increase in your auto insurance rates
  • in all likelihood, a suspended driver’s license
  • possible jail time ranging from a few days to 1 year or more
  • installation of an ignition interlock device for a year
  • a permanent criminal record
  • potentially even the loss of your job (especially if you hold a CDL)

The consequences and penalties don’t end there. Years after those punishments are just a memory, your DUI conviction remains on your permanent criminal record, where any potential employer, bank officer, or nosy neighbor can look it up. And it will stay that way for the rest of your life, even if you never, ever break the law again. Criminal records in Pennsylvania are available to the public on the world wide web for free, at a mouse click.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can fight back. With the help of the right DUI lawyer – an experienced, aggressive attorney who understands DUI law – you may even be able to reduce your charges or win your case altogether.

DON”T FORGET: being accused of DUI doesn’t automatically mean you’re guilty of DUI. The Commonwealth has to prove their case against you in a court of law in order to convict you. Just like any trial, a great lawyer by your side makes all the difference. But it is especially important to hire an attorney who is experienced in taking cases to trial.

DUI law is complicated. It’s not a good idea for you to represent yourself in a DUI case, or to bring in just any lawyer, like a friend of a friend or a relative, especially if they don’t specialize in this area of law. You need an experienced DUI lawyer with specialized DUI training who knows how to successfully challenge the Commonwealth’s evidence and witnesses on your behalf.

You might think that hiring a specialized DUI lawyer is expensive. And it is. If you want the best, you have to pay for the best. Look at it this way…given the steep fines, increased insurance rates, and potential loss of driving privilege and livelihood that comes with a permanent DUI conviction, can you really afford NOT to fight your DUI? Can you afford NOT to hire the best attorney you can?

Find someone who can fight for you. Every criminal case is a war, every motion a battle. So grab a warrior—your freedom may very well depend on it! 

If you’re looking for the most experienced and aggressive DUI representation in Pennsylvania, contact us today for your free case evaluation and put Bompadre Law’s extensive experience to work for you!

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