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Hiring An Attorney

Hiring an attorney may not be the easiest decision you will ever make.

It starts with finding a lawyer who has the extensive experience to provide you with the most accurate and valuable advice that fits your specific legal situation; and who has the ferocity and diligence to obtain the best resolution to your legal issue, whether that is accomplished through protracted negotiations or intensive courtroom litigation.

Many people do not know a lawyer they feel comfortable enough to consult with for everyday legal matters, or if they do, the lawyer is probably not a criminal law specialist or may not even be willing to handle criminal matters.

It is often only after a critical situation has arisen that people will seek out legal representation. A criminal charge is an extremely serious legal event, where your freedom may be at stake. Of course you want an attorney who is friendly, supports you, and is compassionate, but you also need one who has extensive experienced at taking on difficult cases.

In a criminal case, you should look for a lawyer with extensive experience and expertise in trying criminal cases before juries. The right lawyer is the person who has substantial experience handling cases similar to yours, and who has the judgment to decide exactly how and when to take immediate action on your behalf, and what that action should be. A great attorney doesn’t have to “research what the law says about it,” or “think about whether they want to take your case and call you back.” The right lawyer knows what to do instinctively, based on experience, and who will act in the most effective manner without wasting their effort, or your hard earned money.

You should give careful though to what long-range outcome you are seeking. You may need continuing, regular legal advice from someone who has experience advising individuals in situations similar to yours. The results we provide usually require litigation, and we have extensive experience in trying complex criminal cases before juries all across Southeastern and Central Pennsylvania. The bottom line is that there are a lot of lawyers. But, since you can only choose one lawyer, you owe it to yourself to make it the “right” one.

At Bompadre Law, we are passionate about the way we provide an aggressive criminal defense and compassionate in the way we treat our clients. You deserve a Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyer that is available when you are, treats you with respect, and aggressively protects your rights! Our office is centrally located, with easy access to the Tri-County Area. With offices in Douglassville, PA (near Pottstown) we are easily accessible to clients in the Berks, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware, Lehigh and Lancaster counties. We serve the greater Reading, PA, West Chester PA, Norristown, PA, Media PA, Allentown, PA and Lancaster PA areas.

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