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Legal advice is the giving of an opinion regarding the substance or procedure of the law by an attorney or other officer of the court. This is done ordinarily in exchange for monetary compensation. If you need legal advice contact Bompadre Law now. Our law firm is conveniently located to serve the Tri-County area, with easy access to Reading, Norristown, West Chester, Lancaster, Allentown, and Media PA.

It is only natural to seek legal advice when you or a loved one is facing a legal issue, a legal emergency or thinking about whether or not to take legal action. When you need to contact a lawyer, reasonable legal advice is something you will need to rely on.

Even though it might be natural to get legal advice, many clients are hesitant or intimidated to reach out to an attorney for advice before they make a decision that will impact them and their family. There are numerous decisions we make that should be first reviewed by a trustworthy attorney; such as:

  • Whether I should speak to the police?
  • Should I pay a citation or fight it?
  • Do I have to honor a subpoena to appear in court as a witness when I don’t want to?
  • Should I sign this waiver of some of my Constitutional rights?
  • Should I take the DA’s Offer or go to trial?

Getting help and guidance is as simple as sending an EMAIL INQUIRY or contacting Bompadre Law.

Legal advice is not the same as something which merely provides legal information. Legal information can be things like, the instructions written on a parking meter, No Parking signs, No Trespassing signs or by other forms of notice such as a verbal warning or instruction by a police officer. Printed materials, such as general instructions, assembly directions and how-to manuals, are generally not considered legal advice.

Similarly, directions on how to fill in legal forms and other court documents do not constitute legal advice either. However, whenever your question requires the application of legal rules and principles to a specific set of articulable facts, it almost always is considered by the courts to constitute legal advice.

This website and the information contained within it does not constitute legal advice. If you need legal advice, contact our office directly by email or by telephone at (484) 854-3371 where Attorney Bompadre will provide you a free case evaluation either by telephone or in person to discuss your important criminal legal matter. Our Pennsylvania law practice is based in southeastern Pennsylvania in Douglassville, Berks County PA.

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