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Reasonable Fees

Bompadre Law strives to provide the outstanding criminal defense people need at a reasonable fee. Attorney fees are the costs of legal representation that a criminal defendant incurs to defend against the Commonwealth’s charges. Attorney’s fees are assessed in a number of ways, usually set by contract in advance of the representation. At Bompadre Law, we only accept cases on a flat fee basis. We do not charge by the hour for criminal cases. A fee paid to a lawyer before any work is done is called a retainer. Money within the retainer is often used to “purchase” a certain amount of work. Some contracts provide that when the money from the retainer is gone, the fee is renegotiated or additional retainers are supplied by the client for the lawyer to continue working on the client’s behalf.

You may have heard some attorneys advertise that they do not get paid for their services until their clients get paid. That is called a contingent fee, and the lawyer gets his fee from a percentage of the monetary judgment or settlement of a civil claim. Where a plaintiff loses his case, the attorney may not receive any money for his or her work. We cannot offer contingent fees, as most jurisdictions in the United States, including Pennsylvania prohibit working for a contingent fee in criminal cases. In criminal cases, we charge for our services based on a flat fee. In either case, we understand the tough economic times and the economic duress caused when hiring an attorney and try to work with our clients by providing alternate forms of payment such as allowing credit card payments with most credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

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