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The “accused” have rights too. Adam knows the law.

“I first hired Adam for an “independent” assessment of a legal issue that I was involved in back in 2014. Within hours of my request, and shortly after a review of the discovery, he replied with a multiple page document. This document contained 42 itemized paragraphs that outlined dozens of violations of legal protocol committed by the Commonwealth and local authorities. I was unaware of these issues until Adam got involved. The advice I received prior to his arrival was to “hope for a plea”. Every single argument Adam presented was grounded in law. Needless to say once these violations were exposed and challenged, the case was withdrawn.

His representation was one of the best investments and act of self care that I have made to date. Adam knows the FULL law and understands that the accused have rights too. He can draw on his prior experience as a cop and DA to find issues to protect his clients when other attorneys won’t. He’s a fighter that has his clients best interest always in the forefront and is not concerned with getting caught up in local politics. If you need a defender that knows the law…Adam is the guy. This all started with a single phone call and a mere request to “look over” case that was already in process. If you have any doubts or concerns about a legal issue you owe it to yourself to get his insight. I’m really glad I made that call you will be too.”

A Satisfied Client

Skilled Trial Attorney

“Adam represented my son in a juvenile criminal matter. He joined the case late, taking it over from a colleague and came up to speed with all relevant facts quickly and in time to understand all the in’s and out’s prior to his hearing. Just talking to him, you can tell he knows how to win in a courtroom. Our case was withdrawn and we were happy with that outcome, but I know had it gone to trial, he would have won it for us. Without a doubt.”

A Satisfied Client