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What To Look For In A DUI Lawyer

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The best roulette and poker on our site lucky 88 slots. Go to and get big bonuses! Deciding to hire a DUI Lawyer to defend you is a very wise decision. The hard part is choosing the right DUI lawyer with the experience and guts necessary to fight for what is best for you and help you achieve the best possible outcome. Contacting the right Pennsylvania DUI Defense Lawyer is the key. 

You need to find a lawyer with specialized training and experience in DUI cases. Trusting your driver’s license, your freedom, and your future to anyone other than an attorney who specializes in trying DUI cases could be a dangerous mistake. A DUI is serious criminal offense. A conviction remains on your permanent criminal record for the rest of your life. You need the very best attorney you can find to represent you in court.

With so many options, how do you find the right Douglassville, PA DUI Defense Attorney for you?


How many years has the attorney been in practice? New lawyers know almost nothing about practicing law (sorry, but its’ true). If it was your mom, or son, or daughter who was charged with a crime, would you want an inexperienced who just passed the bar to handle the case? No way! There is no substitute for experience. You will be hard pressed to find any DUI or Criminal Defense attorney with the quality and breadth of experience that Bompadre Law brings to a case.

Trial Lawyer

How many criminal trials has the attorney participated in and with what results? Your case may not go to trial, but ask this question: has the lawyer ever won a criminal trial? And by won, I mean heard those tow magic words: “Not Guilty!” If the lawyer has not won a case – ask for an explanation. Ask the lawyer if he or she was the responsible or lead lawyer on the case. Some lawyers have never been the lead counsel in a case and won it on their own, they have only done so with someone else at the helm. You only want the lawyer who has actually stood up and argued the case as the lawyer, not the second. If the lawyer you are talking to has never personally achieved an acquittal as the lead lawyer – move along to the next lawyer. Attorney Bompadre has participated in over 80 jury trials in his 17 years of practice as lead counsel, and obtained numerous non-guilty verdicts for his clients.

Personalized Service

Who in the law office will actually handle your case? Your freedom is too valuable to trust your case to some rookie associate who has not been there before. Can that young associate help make your case more likely to be a winner? Absolutely! Young lawyers have brains and recent case information that can help to build a winning strategy, but that young, inexperienced lawyer needs time in court being mentored by a senior attorney to become a winner. Also, some law firms advertise that they will use a “team approach” on your case, where several young, inexperienced attorneys will supposedly all look at your case individually, supervised by a senior attorney, with the idea being you will get better results. More “eyes” on your case is better, right? Don’t believe it. I’ve worked for these firms. These types of firms are concerned with only one thing…taking as much of your money as possible and getting you plead guilty and sentenced in the shortest amount of time. The partners market their firm based on the partner’s years of experience, then hire several inexperienced attorneys to do all the actual case work and make the partner’s wealthy. The poor young attorneys end up so overworked and underpaid with their own caseloads, that they never look twice at any of their colleague’s cases. They don’t have time! The partner is too busy ‘managing the firm’ to actually practice law and never had any intention of looking over your case…if and when they even show up to the office. It is such a grind, that often the young attorneys don’t stay with the firm longer than a year. If you are getting sold this approach, just ask them how long the criminal lawyers have each been with the firm. The team approach is a scam. Take it from one who knows. Being a part of one of these “law firms”, and seeing how the clients were treated is one of the primary reasons that Attorney Bompadre founded Bompadre Law. He wanted to offer personalized service with excellence, where the client is not treated like a dollar sign. When you hire Bompadre Law, you can rest assured that Attorney Bompadre and his 28 years of experience will be personally handling your case, from start to finish.

Keeping the client Informed

How will the lawyer keep you informed about your case? You are buying advice and you are paying for someone to keep you informed about how the case is going and where it is going, so how will you get that information? I have seen lawyers who were “not in” more than they were, at least when it came to talking to them. Get a lawyer who is going to take your calls and be around to talk when you need to talk. At Bompadre Law, we are always available by telephone and email, 24/7.

Personal Referrals

Do you have trusted friends and relatives who you can ask if they know anyone who has been accused of DUI and has a lawyer they can recommend? Most law firm websites have sections for client testimonials where clients can write about their experiences. If you look at the reviews for Bompadre Law you’ll see that we’ve helped many clients fight a wide range of charges to favorable outcomes – and our clients are very happy with their results.

Legal Websites

The internet can be a great place to research attorneys, but there are certain things to watch out for. Many of these legal websites like Avvo, Justia, etc, tend to make the lawyer a commodity. It ends up being just list of attorney after attorney, all saying they are better than the next. These sites have a complicated system whereby they rank attorneys by state and specialty according to peer and client ratings, but their rankings also include things like how many anonymous legal questions the attorney answered, and how many of their peers have given them an endorsement on the site (which ends up being a tit-for-tat situation—you endorse me and I’ll endorse you, which makes the endorsement essentially meaningless). What’s worse, virtually all of the lawyer listings that appear first in the search criteria on these sites are paid for. So you may think that the lawyer is coming up first because they are the best attorney, when in reality, the attorney merely paid an advertising fee to be first in the search ranking. Many lawyer websites will have badges and links from all kinds of sites and ‘legal organizations’ you’ve never heard of, showing that they have flawless “10.0 ratings” or they were voted this year as having “superior customer service.” Don’t be so fast to buy in to the advertising hype, because very often, that’s all it is: hype. 9 out of 10 of these “achievements,” including the so-called membership in these organizations, which usually exist solely for marketing purposes (“to keep the public informed”), was merely bought and paid for. More often than not, the lawyers you see with the flawless and superior ratings fall far short in the experience and jury trial categories mentioned above. Would you rather have an attorney who has spent his time obtaining a lot of relatively worthless but expensive credentials to puff himself up so you’ll think he’s impressive, or an attorney who actually has spent his time perfecting his craft in a courtroom and who has the extensive legal experience you need to defend your case? Attorney Bompadre will put his experience up against anyone else you can find.


Once you’ve found an attorney who appears to meet your needs, you’ll want to set up an interview to meet, explain the charges against you, and ask him or her about their experience and qualifications. This is not the time to be shy. Remember: it’s your future on the line. Tough questions – about their experience, their specific training, how often they go to trial, how many DUI cases they’ve tried, and how much they know about DUI procedures and testing – are all important to ask. The goal is to make sure your attorney has the qualifications, training, and guts necessary to defend you in court.

Attorney Bompadre is more than comfortable with these kinds of tough questions. In fact, he welcomes them. Our job at Bompadre Law is to make sure you feel as confident as possible that we fully understand your case and how far you need us to go to defend your rights, your license, and your freedom. Attorney Bompadre is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week at to answer all of your most pressing DUI questions.

How much $?

So how much will this really cost? Let me be honest here—a simple DUI case might cost you $2,000 or $10,000 depending on how the case needs to be handled. Will you be charged a “flat fee” covering all the work or will you pay by the hour? There are options that you should decide. Deciding how the case will be handled will also help you decide how much it will cost. Having money to defend a criminal case is like that “Rainy Day” fund the state has been building up, “just in case.” If you have been charged with a crime, follow this one rule above all others: HIRE THE BEST LAWYER YOU CAN AFFORD. PERIOD. Your life and liberty depend on that decision. Don’t just hire any Pennsylvania DUI Defense Lawyer, but make sure that you hire the very best!

Find someone who can fight for you. Every criminal case is a war, every motion a battle. So grab a warrior—your freedom may very well depend on it! 

If you’re looking for the most experienced and aggressive DUI representation in Pennsylvania, contact us today for your free case evaluation and put Bompadre Law’s extensive experience to work for you! Call 752-063-5797 to speak with a Douglassville, PA DUI Defense Attorney right away.